We will charge 3 types of services:

1) a user-based USAGE FEE for the ongoing use of the platform and its modules - optionally with monthly or annual payment.

2) an effort-based CUSTOMER SUPPORT by our experienced and always responsive staff (1.5€/minute or 90€/hour).

For new customers, we offer a 50% ONBOARDING DISCOUNT on regular support (0.75€/minute or 45€/hour) for a maximum of 15 hours, which can be used for data migration, custom setup and training.

3) Optional as needed for special CUSTOM PLUGINS for features that are not part of the standard platform. Prices for individual plugins will be communicated prior to their activation.

MONTHLY USAGE FEE All prices are net of VAT.

1 user 2 users 3 users 4 users more users
€ 59 € 118 € 177 € 236 contact us
€ 29 € 58 € 87 € 116 contact us

YEARLY USAGE FEE All prices are net of VAT. Pay in advance and get 2 months for free!

1 user 2 users 3 users 4 users more users
€ 590 € 1180 € 1770 € 2360 contact us
€ 290 € 580 € 870 € 1160 contact us

*A "booking-only user" would have access to the menu sections CONTACTS, BOOKING, ACCOUNTING and SETTINGS, but not to LABEL, DISTRIBUTION, PROMOTION or MANAGEMENT. The module access of users should be configured independently by the customers in SETTINGS / USER.

Our monthly billing will debit all fees on the 1st of each month for the previous month via automated credit card or SEPA direct debit. The yearly payment option offers 2 free months of service in return for an upfront advance payment without refunding. Yearly upfront payments do not include any arising support fees, which will be debited in the month following the support service.


For the automatic monthly billing we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and you will be billed in Euros. We also offer manual billing, but manual invoices will include a 20 € automatic bank charge for extra time and handling. To avoid the extra charge, please use the automatic credit card billing. If you choose an annual pre-payment instead of the monthly billing we will give you a discount on user fees.