Change Management Policy

July 15, 2018 by McIntosh Cooey, CTO. Berlin 3 Services GmbH


The purpose of this policy is to describe the responsibilities, policies, and procedures to be followed when any changes to the Details application (application) by Berlin 3 Services Gmbh (Berlin3) are to be made.

The Change Control policy is designed to provide a managed and orderly method in which changes to the application are requested, tested and approved prior to implementation. The purpose is not to question the rationale of a change, but to ensure that all elements are in place, there is no negative impact on the infrastructure, all the necessary parties are notified in advance and the schedule for implementation is coordinated with all other activities

The CTO must approve any exceptions to this policy in advance.


Change: to transform, alter, or modify the application that may have a potential or significant impact on the stability and reliability of the infrastructure and/or impacts on the conducting of normal business operation.

Event: any activity outside of normal operating procedures that will have a potential or significant impact on the stability and reliability of the application, i.e. Misuse or change to the provided services causing a denial of service to any other user. Change and Event may be used interchangeably throughout this document.

Change Request: The official request for any change should be submitted via email to the CTO. End users requests should be submitted via email to Support where it can be routed to the appropriate member of Berlin3 for review.


All employees, contractors, consultants, temporary and other workers at Berlin3, including all personnel affiliated with third parties that may have access to the application on behalf of Berlin3 must adhere to this policy.

Change Management Process

Change Management provides a process to apply changes, upgrades, or modifications to the application and/or environment. This covers any and all changes to hardware, software or networks. The policy is in place to ensure that any change that affects one or all of the environments that Berlin3 relies on to conduct normal business operations are protected.

Changes to the environment arise from many circumstances, such as:

    • User requests
    • Hardware and/or software upgrades
    • Environmental changes
    • Business Operational schedule changes
    • Unforeseen events
    • Scheduled Periodic Maintenance
The above list is not all-inclusive. Therefore any questions on whether a change can be made should be directed to the CTO.


Emergencies exist only as a result of:

    1. There is a severe degradation of service needing immediate action,
    2. A system/application/component is inoperable and the failure causes a negative impact
    3. A response to an emergency business need.

Scheduled or Planned Maintenance

Prior the commencement of any planned or scheduled maintenance, the maintenance must be agreed to by a the CTO in any savable digital form.

Documentation of Changes

An Application Change Log shall be kept in a publicly accessible location for the Berlin3 and selected outside parties to view. Every member of the Berlin3, who is in a position to make changes to the application, will be required to document any changes being made without exception. Other members of Berlin3 are encouraged to review the log from time to time to keep abreast of the changes going on in the application.